What we offer – private, business, and financial investment proposals

At Fox Industries, we are always on the look out for new investment opportunities and potential business partners. As a successful construction company/training school, we are able to offer a variety of benefits to our partners such as:

  • Expertise in Land development
  • Experience in the legality issues surrounding development investments
  • Tools (equipment and materials)
  • Financial benefits such as the ability to use a job site as a training ground for students

These benefits, combined with our business ethics and professional approach, allow us to provide our potential partners with the requirements and advice best suited for their investment approach and needs. We focus on establishing a fair and honest relationship with our partners.

Benefits of Investing in the Nicola Valley

Being located in the heart of the Nicola Valley, Merritt is a growing community committed to progressive expansion and development. In 1986, following years of Lobbying, the completion of the Coquilhalla toll highway placed Merritt at the hub of transportation and communications. Thus providing a freeway link between Merritt, the Lower Mainland, and subsequently Kamloops and Kelowna. The Coquilhalla Highway has since been a major trade route for the southern Interior and has the potential to be an even stronger economic engine in the future.

Merritt holds many fabulous investment opportunities, and as such, here at Fox Industries Ltd. we are forever looking for new visions and ideas. Whether you are a large corporate investor, a private investor looking to make a quick profit, or perhaps just looking to re-locate, Merritt holds an opportunity for you. With our knowledge of the Nicola Valley combined with our specialty in business and land development, we feel confident in presenting our investment ideas to you.

With the completion of the Coquilhalla Highway making the Nicola Valley more accessible to people coming from the Okanagan as well as the Lower Mainland, the population continues to grow with an influx of new residents. With available land, a superb location, a pro-development Council and a tradition of industry, Merritt is a City of Opportunity.

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Please feel free to contact us regarding our latest proposals and business opportunities. We openly invite you to join us for a sight-seeing vistit in the area for a chance to discuss and exchange ideas about how we can help you invest safely and securely.